Respectful Usage Insights

RS Triton from Relentless Solutions gives increased visibility for monitoring web and desktop application use across all company computers, within your network or not. A smart choice if you want visibility without heavy-handed intrusion.



RS Triton offers respectful and non-intrusive visibility

into your workforce productivity

Monitor active tabs, idle time, desktop apps, and web use whether in-office or remote.

Observe activity and view robust reports to identify productivity trends and optimize workflow.

RS Triton allows your business to track back to events like malware injections using our timeline interface.

Security Solutions & Services

RS Triton from Relentless Solutions is right sized to provide oversight without requiring extensive policy documentation, and is the best choice when looking for visibility with less intrusion. Monitor active tabs, idle time, and toggling between windows and apps while storing up to 6 months of monitoring data to compile and audit.


Search and Filter Through Events With Ease

Reconstructing events has never been easier. Quickly and easily sort through each secured endpoint for a specific time and activity. The event filter automatically parses through each datapoint and returns the results in record time.