Hosted Solutions

Reduce the Need for Advanced Hardware

Learn More About Utilizing the Power of Hosted Solutions

Our hosted products are geared towards small & medium-sized businesses that do not have an inside IT staff …

… and/or companies that want to be shielded from the day-to-day behind the scenes management of their websites, email systems, domain name registrations, and the integration between their sites and internal systems.

 MAXIMIZE the amount of time, resources and performance you can dedicated to your business instead of dallying in complicated IT systems.

 ELIMINATE expensive start-up costs and heavy IT management bills.

 EXPAND and grow your company without having to purchase or maintain hardware and/or office expenses.

 SUPERIOR support and guidance from Relentless- a local, trusted adviser; say NO to the cost and headaches of managing technical solutions in house.

Offering You Business-Class Hosted Web Services for your Organization without Costly, Upfront Investments

Hosted MS Exchange


Get the benefits of a cloud based email, calendar, and contacts delivered on your PC, phone, and any chosen browser.  Have Relentless host your Microsoft Exchange email and get quicker support from a local, trusted advisor.

Google Apps


Cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. We provide setup, training and management, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

Web Hosting


Our top hosting plans includes unlimited* bandwidth and disk space. Plus, our top hosting plans are completely scalable from starter hosting plans to advanced website hosting with the click of a button. As easy as it gets!

Virtual Private Server


Advanced VPS hosting is an affordable way to get the private resources needed to power larger websites with higher traffic demands. Choosing a VPS web hosting account satisfies the need for more security and optimum performance.

Hosted anti-virus


Ensure protection from even the newest spammer tricks and tactics utilizing proprietary detection systems, 4 virus-scanning engines, more than 60 filtering techniques, and wave-front detection to rid inbound and outbound email from spam and viruses.

Hosted Anti-spam


A fully managed email protection service that shields gateways from up to 99% of unwanted email. It enables businesses to manage email communications with the same level of control and protection as the Fortune 500.



Create your own unique online presence. A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet and is one the most important requirements for the success of your website. Relentless can assist you from beginning to end.

Phone Service


Voice communications and multimedia sessions with Voice over Internet Protocol with no geographic boundaries. Inclusive of long distance calls, conference bridges, and phone portability- an exceptional and multi-faceted tool for the modern business.

Relentless: steady + persistent; unremitting

showing no abatement of intensity, strength, or pace